Wisconsin Case

This gorgeous mural from the artist Adán Paredes, from “Los Alacranes” studio was packaged with very special care, since our client decided to use ground shipping via FEDEX, from Oaxaca to Wisconsin, USA. This experience proved, once again, that packaging has to be made accordingly to distance, means of transport and the artwork fragility conditions.

Stanford Case

A highly complex shipment: Due to a social protest in the State during June 2016, both the airport and all local highways suffered a blockade: almost no shipment could leave or enter Oaxaca. Fortunately, with the help from our local FEDEX Operation Team we managed to make this installation go through, and  make it on time for its opening in the Stanford University.

Claudio Pellandini Case

Packaging and transporting this XIX century old mirror from the “Claudio Pellandini” workshop in Oaxaca to an important boutique hotel in Todos los Santos, California, made us feel the emotion of taking part in our country’s history. We really perceived the responsibility of handling our heritage and moving it safely to its new location. 

Miyana Case (CDMX)

This project represented a challenge due to the quantity of materials (pieces in the shape of cubes) and the logistics for its transportation, but the results were rewarding: not only it came in perfectly organized and in shape, but the freight calculations were exact. It also proved that working as allies with our customers is the best result. 

Mariposa Monarca Vase

Can you imagine the fragility of a clay vase made of dozens of small hand made clay black butterflies? This kind of piece is very hard to transport because of its very sensitive materials and openwork. The vase made it perfectly to the US. Check the pictures to see its importance in the proprietor’s house… and in his heart! 

Frederick Marshall Museum

This project grew because of the amount of pieces that traveled to this Exposition and Sales Fair: we shipped 10 pallets in total! Most of the pieces were very fragile, both made with pastillage techniques and very fine carved wood. The museum curator gave us a special mention for the quality of our packaging. Coming from a specialist in sculpture, it really made us feel proud! 

Obra de Arte Patrimonio de la Humanidad, UNAM

This Large Format project was planned for more than a year. It meant a big challenge for AREEM’s team: a full, seven murals structure of enormous proportions, all made by the maestro José Luis García and considered UNESCO Heritage. Although carefully planned, the shipment had to be done in a very short period of execution. AREEM was responsible for packaging, loading, transport and unloading, as well as insurance of the masterpiece.

We are pleased to inform that everything went perfectly well and according to schedule.