Special Projects

It seems easy…

Sometimes the piece is unique and fragile: the margin of error equals zero. 

Are you going to leave it in inexpert hands? At AREEM we have more than 20 years of experience. We have sent pieces to museums, art collections and galleries all over the world. We know the requirements for exports, and know the artisan world like no one else.

Tell us your project and together, we will find the best solution.

Art for Collectors

Oaxaca is a seedbed for artists and popular art masters. Out portfolio includes a large amount of them. It will be a pleasure to help you to find that special piece. 

AREEM as your representative in Oaxaca

In the event that you need someone to supervise your order or project, AREEM can help you with that matter. 

Help purchasing pieces

If you wish to, we can take you to the workshops of the best artisans and producers.   Buy directly from the source!

International move

Are you leaving Oaxaca? We can help with that, as if it were our own move 

Artisan visits

We can organize a visit perfectly fitted to your interests in Oaxaca. Discover, learn, negotiate, purchase and send. We will take your logistics in charge.

Cargo Insurance

Your tranquility matters to us. We offer a specific insurance for shipment, according to your needs. 100% trustworthy.